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1. The Healing Power of TREES

2. The House That TRANE Built

3. Serge GAINSBOURG : Biography



Review By Joshua A. TRILIEGI / BUREAU of ARTS and CULTURE Magazine

Steeped in mythology, visually suggestive imagery & prayers
of a previous time and place. An interesting anthology of Celtic
symbols, storytelling and original seasonal rituals that harken
back to the early centuries when trees were considered sacred.
A sort of Calendar of Astrology as seen through the eyes of an
Irish Shaman with the trees instead of the planets, telling the
story . With a twinkle in her eye and a hand on the bark,
Hidalgo tells the origin stores like a mystic priestess with respect
and awe for the power of plants, vines, shrubs and trees. The
Irish have always had a deep respect for nature, its basic symbolic
phenomena and the reasons and seasons that bring these signs
to earth . Rainbows, lightening, shillelaghs, runes and the mystic
power they represent are but a few of the examples sited here.

In this extremely thorough and imaginative book, we are treated
to a series of stories, visualizations and a compendium of dates
which represent the changing of the seasons and which trees and
plants they represent. With explanations of holiday rituals such as
Christmas, Halloween, The Day of Bread, May Day, Summer and
Winter Solstice, Easter, The Day of The Dead, Harvest and Mabon.
As well as a Lunar Calendar connecting the animals, plants and
strengths of the moon.

For instance, January 24th is the beginning of The Time of Willow:
honoring the Bee, the Goddess, the Maiden, the Dove . Ms. Hidalgo
goes deep into interpretation of each symbol and how and why it
represents this particular season, ritual and the ideas behind it.
Equally intellectual & elementary, it' s a good read for youngsters
as well as the curious and well educated on the healing and mystic
arts . For those on the ecological side, it' s a great reminder of how
important trees are and a good tool for helping to teach others the
need for preservation. This book honors the earth and it' s hidden
healing qualities locked within the ancient powers that many believe
reside within each and every living plant. Most common medicines
originate from plants and trees. Herbs for cooking such as "... parsley,
sage rosemary and thyme ..." all retain healing ingredients which also
carry strong stories that reflect issues pertaining to seasons that
challenge humans, be it, common colds or even some forms of cancer.

With informative illustrations of trees, descriptions of their branches
& leaves. Guided meditations, healing imagery and little know facts
such as there are actually thirteen moon cycles in a year. In writing
this workbook, Ms Hidalgo discovered that she was able to heal,
teach and provide a knowledge that was beyond anything she had
experienced prior to this time in her life. Perhaps you too will
some hidden quality within . Meanwhile, you will surely learn a
bundle of new facts about trees and their mythology. An easy read
that can be reviewed on a monthly basis & used almost as a calendar
of learning, if not an interesting viewpoint that suggests that humans
and trees have had a much deeper relationship than us moderns have
been recently led to believe .




Review By Joshua A. TRILIEGI / BUREAU of ARTS and CULTURE Magazine

Most music fans know who John Coltrane is and what he did for 
jazz music,for saxophone players and new music spirituality . 
What you may not be awareof is that John Coltrane & his version 
of My Favorite Things in 1960s helped to create an entire label that 
went onto reinvent and support a bevy of new jazzartists . 

The impulse label, which was originally fueled by funds from
ABC and hits by Ray Charles such as, One Mint Julep, went on 
to become a leading label  with an original look, style and feel. 
Album covers that opened up and told a story with extended liner 
notes, helping to create a dialogue and intellectual take on a lot 
of great new music that helped to fuel new jazz movements.

The story of Impulse records is an interesting one. Ashley Kahn's
research, his writing style, with a flash-back / flash-forward motif, 
suits the subject well. Plenty of photographs, samples of albums and 
an incredibly thorough discography with just about every album, release 
date & important phase the label went through. Mr. Kahn has written 
extensively on Jazz with his other books on Miles Davis & Coltrane' s 
infamous Love Supreme . Sonny Rollins, Chico Hamilton, Yusuf Lateef, 
Elvin Jones, Tom Scott, Charlie Mingus, Coleman Hawkins and Pharoah
Sanders are just a few of the artists that followed Coltrane on Impulse. 
Often honoring him, his massive influence, musically, technically and often
naming songs after some type of John Coltrane motif.

Kahn is like a cool daddy professor who simply loves the music,
the vibe, the history of jazz so much, that the reader, his students,
soon find themselves steeped in fun facts that make up what we call
jazz. From the inception of tunes, recording, players, dates and places,
all bases are covered in this comprehensive jazz companion . Covering
the period from the time John Coltrane came to the label and into his
leaving the planet. The story reveals itself as important and
informative . Alice Coltrane picks up the mantle and carries it 
into the present time.

As the book reveals in Chapter six, 'Died' is not in Alice Coltrane' s
vocabulary . You got that right. John Coltrane left. But with Impulse,
his legacy, his fans, his family and books such as this one as well as
Kahn' s other works, the Coltrane legend is indeed alive and well.
Highly suggested for those who wish to learn more about this great
contributor to the jazz music and vocabulary of great American Arts.
With titles such as A Love Supreme, Ascension, Om and Cosmic Music,
Coltrane completely transformed jazz into a totally spiritual idea .
From the early until his untimely passing , Coltrane recorded albums and
songs that have yet to be resolved, understood or entirely digested by any
particular critic, audience or movement. He was exorcising his demons, 
inviting in his angels and taking what we considered as a pastime into a 
full on religious experience. The jazz solo is never the same after John 
Coltrane, neither are we. This is a good companion to that legacy and 
to an important Jazz Music Label.



Review By Joshua A. TRILIEGI / BUREAU of ARTS and CULTURE Magazine

Excessive . Provocative . Tempestuous . Serge Gainsbourg was a sort of
every man rockstar poet who thumbed his nose at everything he could.
One thinks of Marlon Brando in The Wild One. Question : What are you
rebelling against ? Answer : What ya Got ? This is a thoroughly detailed
and exhaustedly researched Bio on French singer and songwriter, Serge
Gainsbourg . The Publisher, Tosh Berman, handed me a copy while riding
on the bus last summer. I promised him we would give it an official
Interviews, mixed with original song lyrics, anecdotal stories,
timelines and
some rare, little known early biographical influences, such as
Gainsbourg' s
troubling childhood i e : the nazi invasion of France. Commentary by
friend' s
of his parents, family members, co-workers and collaborators as well as
he created some of his best works with, around and about. Such as the
and Clyde track, created after a drunken dinner with french actress and
Bridget Bardot . She requested for Serge to, "Write me the most
beautiful love
song you can imagine." He did. The tune created an international stir
and the
film, by Warren Beatty, released just months after the song, assured a
dose of timing, that to this day has sustained a hip, savvy, sexy pop
style that
remains at the very top of strange interludes between poets and pop

Not unlike Madonna visiting with Charles Bukowski in the Harbor Area of
L A .
Hank' s little girl neighbor would later ask him, 'Why would Madonna
want to
visit you ?' Later, Madonna would pen the now famous Lyric, " I fell
in love
with San Pedro ..." Obviously written about her visits to Buk, with
her then
lover, Sean Penn . Gainbourg is, in many ways, the French version of
Throw in a piano and guitar and viola ! To this day, Gainsbourg is
still one of
the top composers, when it comes to royalties generated from his work .

There are three things you learn about from Parisians within the first
week of your
visit : 1 - Smoking hashish rolled up into a cigarette. 2 - Eating
croissants stuffed
with chocolate. 3 - Listening to the music of Serge Gainsbourg . Anyone
who tells
you different is either a liar, a coward or was just not hanging out
with the right
French persons . France is a lovely country full of contradictions. A
society that outsiders adore and bores abhor . There is a comfort with
eccentricity and revolutionary ideas . Music, art, politics,
conversation and a bit of
the old debauchery here and there is fine with your average Frenchman
and woman
too, for that matter. Serge Gainsbourg came around at just the right
time. A sort of
French Leonard Cohen meets Charles Bukowski. With a touch of that same
cocktail of intellect and artistry that gave us the likes of David
Byrne & Talking Heads.

Of course, this was decades earlier. The Nineteen Sixties anti-hero
reflecting on film,
politics, the sexual revolution and a new voice for the youth. The guy
unwilling to lie
about truths, though, more than willing to truth about lies. Copping
styles of musical
influence from British pop, Jamaican reggae, American Jazz and good old
Rock & Roll.
Born in 1928, to Jewish Russian parents, both artistically inclined,
visually as well
as musically . His Dad is a pianist, his mom is a singer. They land in
France with
some 100,000 other Russian - immigrants . And so the story begins.
from the get - go . Finely crafted. A good introductory read for those
as well as anyone who is a tried & true fan. Although, for those
hearing about
the artist for the first time, we highly suggest you purchase a musical
to this thoroughly engaging biography of one of Frances greatest pop
phenomena .

Famous for cussing on television talk shows, telling the scathingly
naughty truths
that average citizen's lie about publicly. He was a hot button artist
with his finger
always on the trigger. He had a free thinking father who played piano
daily from the
time Serge was born 'till age twenty. Born with a twin sister in a
seriously dangerous
time for Jewish peoples. Serge finds his way through music, wit and
charm. Knowing
that at any minute one might be taken away in cars, trucks & trains,
never to return
again . He literally is pulled out of school and told by teachers to, "
Take this axe and
go hide in the woods." Somehow, with the help of others, he makes it
through and
never forgets his past.

For those music fans who simply like his songs, this is a complete eye
opener, historically and politically speaking. No wonder he was such a
bastard. No wonder he spoke his mind so freely. No wonder he adored
life' s freedoms. I would not be surprised if someone were to option
Bio for future production into a fine film. With fans on every
continent &
a roster of supporters including Johnny Depp, Isabelle Adjani, Catherine
Deneuve and most hip film makers, it'd be a great piece of cinema.
Tosh Berman, this Books publisher, formerly worked at the Book Soup
Annex on Sunset Strip as a cashier . Some years ago, I was about to
purchase a rare french girlie magazine with 3-D Glasses attached, he,
uhm , sorta attempted to halt the sale. Realizing the rarity if the
I relented & recently used it to create a tribute work to Jack Kerouac'
On The Road. Tosh probably doesn't recall. In any event, Tam Tam Books
is his new empire & with this new Serge Gainsbourg biography, he' s done
well. I can see now why he wanted the french girly mag as much as I did.
Guess we all have a touch of Serge Gainsbourg in us. Fellow

We suggest this Biography, which was ten years in the making. With
instructions to also purchase : The Bonnie and Clyde Album with Bridget
Bardot. As well as compilation Records and Discs. One thing that may
been missing from this version is a complete discography with Titles,
etc... Maybe in the reprinting, Eh Tosh ? Bonjour Mon Amie !
Translated from
the French By Paul Knobloch

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