Friday, February 8, 2013



The Morrison Hotel Gallery has opened with a splash

at The SUNSET MARQUIS in West Hollywood CA USA.

A world-class gallery with Classic Rock & Roll
Images that tell the history of Music, here in
the States and abroad. Jagger, Miles, Janis,
Dylan, and of course Morrison and The Doors,
to name a few. Although the catalog is centered
in the Rock genre, they also have a strong
representation of sports related images
& photographers. Reping over a hundred
world class photographers. Were pretty lucky
to have this imagery here in Hollywood & what
better place than the lovely atmosphere of The
Sunset Marquis. Full of natural light, pool-side
glamour and a top notch kitchen with a full
service staff for luxury and leisure, it's a perfect

These days the art collectors, galleries and fans
are finding new & creative ways to celebrate, sell
and collect classic imagery. This looks like a great
decision from just about every angle. There was a
full turnout of interested and interesting talents,
including Julian Lennon, Gary Oldman and Billy Bob
Thorton. With many of the stars in attendance being
represented on the walls such as the great portrait of
Billy Bob or actual photos of historical characters they
have played on the screen, such as Gary Oldman' s
star turn as Sid Vicious. One of the most vigorous &
down right naked performances to ever introduce an
actor to an audience. Proving himself to be a true and
dedicated craftsman of the medium. And of course
Julian' s father & the Beatles.

It is refreshing to see how important these images of
those we cherish and love have become. As the Music
scene becomes more and more watered down, tame
and politically correct, these images are a reminder
that people make music. Real people, who write about
life, love, loss, change, history, struggle and sometimes
war and peace. Within music is a great meeting of the
minds, hearts and ideas. Hollywood, the music scene,
technology and the great all mighty dollar' s influence
can never truly change what makes music great and
that is simply: The Musicians . People just like you and
I who happened to write a great phrase, a tune, a
some thing or other that others felt was worth recording.

These images remind us that some of our favorite
stars in Jazz and Rock & Roll were thrust into the lime
light, some times unsuspecting, other times fully aware.
Music is a time & a place, an ephemeral & transitory
experience . The great art of the photograph reveals
itself to be an extremely important component to what
we now realize is a relatively impermanent & individual
thing . We may not have been in the room, on the road
or at the studio with Bobby, Mick, Bowie or Sid, but we
forever have a glimpse, a symbol, a record of a time
that once was.

On the one hand, all of this is history, on the other,
here we all are, talking about projects, reflecting on
people, yearning to make that connection between
image, sound & the people and places that we deem
important. Many of the people in these photos are no
longer with us. But when I see Miles Davis blowing on
a trumpet, I can only feel that he never actually left
us at all. I hear the music. I sense the cool. The wail.
The pain. The joy. The suffering. The madness that it
takes to dedicate your life to art. To go on tour, to
leave one' s family and friends behind, because you
love some thing so damn much that ya got no choice
but to play for the people. Life on the road is tough.
Sure, there is the fun side, the parties, the fans and
audience' s applause. But the sacrifice that goes into
being a musician is most likely un - photographable.
Many of the images represented here show the playful,
passionate and professional side of life.

Music has that special & undefinable ability to transport
us to a time and a place that has long ago passed. The
decades seem to disappear and suddenly there we are,
once again, in the prime of our lives. One can' t help
but think about, and study these photos a little deeper
to realize that life is very precious & that every body,
every where, whistles a tune they love or has a memory
related to a favorite song. Through the magic of music
we float above the mundane, the maudlin, the morose
moments in life. Images and music will always have a
relationship that retain a bit of mystery. In this instance,
a touch of that mystery is revealed. The curtain is lifted,
the stars shine and through it all, time & time again, the
song remains the same.

The Morrison Hotel Gallery is well worth a visit and so is
The Sunset Marquis Hotel, Restaurant and Spa located
just off The Sunset Strip. A discreet, quiet & extremely
luxurious Hotel with a personable and warm staff. Large
enough to have your own private space, small enough to
feel cozy.


1200 Alta Loma Road West Hollywood CA U S A 90069
West of La Cienega and South of Sunset Boulevard


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California USA 90026 Phone Direct : 213 975 0067