Tuesday, October 29, 2013

BUREAU of ARTS and CULTURE : Twenty Plus Years in The ARTS ...

Take a good look at this early BUREAU ART EXHIBITION here in L. A.
The names on the list are daunting. Many of the people exhibiting  have 
gone on to have incredible careers in: ART .  MUSIC . FASHION  & FILM . 
This ART EXHIBIT Curated by JOSHUA TRILIEGI  is Dated OCT 25 1991.

Henry DUARTE:  Fashion Designer for the likes of LED ZEPPELIN 

Alex MCDOWELL:  Production Designer for TIM BURTON & Others

Martin DURAZO:  Recent One Person Show at Luis DeJESUS Gallery

Richard RANCIER: Recent show in Palms Springs & Art Space in L.A.

Beth HERZHAFT:  Photographer for Artists, Musicians and a Fine Artist

Darin PAPPAS:  An entire Career of Music in Brazil & Surf Photography

Heather VAN HAAFTEN:  Graphic Art for Film, Television & Capital Records

Chris HAMMERLEIN:  Fine Artist and Sculptor with a Serious Body of ART

Madeleine HOFFMAN: Rep for  Catalogues in connection with Donald JUDD 

Keith GRECO:  Art Departments, Original Constructionists  and Concept ART

Kim JOHNSON:  Costume Design for Film, Television and Creative Designer.

At this particular Event writers for VANITY FAIR attended and The All Black 
PUNK ROCK Band " BACKLASH " Played a Live set that blew the roof off.
We sold artworks for a hundred dollars a piece, those who purchased work,
did well, many of those works are worth a thousand dollars. Many of the 
Artists traded works & the entire event happened at The HOME of BUREAU 
Editor Joshua TRILIEGI. These were galvanizing times for many of the people.
It is a joy to find INVITES such as these and to review the careers of these Artists.
BUREAU MAGAZINE would like to Thank these ARTIST for their early support.