Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Thank You Random Lengths & James Preston Allen : HANS BURKHARDT ART REVIEW

 Its not every day that we at BUREAU of ARTS and CULTURE receive compliments 
on our writing from other publishers. The world of publishing is extremely competitive. So when a man such as James Preston Allen thinks that something 
we wrote was good, we don't mind returning the favor to our 20,000 hard copy readers and an additional 15,000+ on our blog spots in San Francisco, New York 
City, Los Angeles and San Diego. 

Mr Allen's favorite piece, so far, is The Art Review of HANS BURKHARDT which you will find by pressing the LINK at the top of this page. Links to his Paper are provided below. James covers the Water Front throughout The San Pedro and surrounding areas. He has received numerous awards, takes his job seriously and gave us some great advice upon entering the publishing industry, we took that advice & it seems to be working. 



Editor & Publisher

James Preston Allen, Publisher/Executive Editor