Wednesday, October 16, 2013





Editor and Publisher of BUREAU of ARTS and CULTURE Magazine
Announces a New Experimental Serial Novel about Los Angeles. 
Mr Triliegi wrote a chapter a day for several few weeks and posted
the results immediately in various languages at the three blog spots 
that regularly showcase Art, Music & Cultural Community events.

" I thought it would be a good writing exercise to simply write about 
what I see and hear everyday on the streets of the city. To simply 
create a chapter a day based on the people and things going on 
in Los Angeles. Since we all come from so many backgrounds, 
styles, cultures and languages, I decided to structure the multi 
character novel to represent all of Los Angeles. I simply write a 
chapter a day by allowing the characters to unfold & the story to 
reveal itself based directly on the things I see and hear."

" Its pure fiction based on generalities. For instance, Chapter Three, 
which was inspired by a girl I saw on the bus earlier in the day, she 
had a sketch book with some nice artworks and I thought about her." 
Or Chapter One, based on a conversation I had with a guy who was 
entering back into society from a long stretch in the penitentiary. 
I thought about what other people in his life may have been thinking."

" Its a challenge to simply introduce a character and follow the creative 
line as it flows into something structured and complete. I usually know 
the beginning and the end of each Chapter, and simply let the middle 
fill itself out. I like the daily discipline as well as the audience being in 
on the process. In this particular case, I don't really take notes. I just 
start with an idea and let it flow. This is not a normal novel by any 
means, but it is a new and interesting challenge for both the writer and 
the readers. We are publishing it in three cities and a wide variety of 
languages, English, Italian, French, Chinese, Armenian, Chinese, Hebrew, 
Japanese & Korean so far. Its been a lot of fun I hope the people of Los 
Angeles and the world will follow it out as it reveals itself. As the writer, 
in this particular case, I am just as curious as the reader as to what will 
happen and how things will go. The cool thing about this project is how 
quickly the characters began to take on a life of their own. "

" Its an interesting way to work. I am putting together several other writing 
projects and decided that this would be a good warmer upper. We get 
anywhere from a 50 to 400+ views a day on our website for our Articles, 
Reviews and especially our Audio Interviews, so this particular literature 
project should be good exercise and at the same time, allow people to 
see how a novel is actually created day by day."