Thursday, January 9, 2014

Saturday January 25th The World Stage 4344 Degnan Blvd. in Los Angeles

DWIGHT TRIBLE & a group of concerned community minded individuals are gathering together to find creative ways to help support THE WORLD STAGE in Leimert Park.
A Place for Music , Writing, Workshops and the like. This would be a good time for
those who know something about fund raising to get on board. It could be time for
some PEACE CONCERT Fund Raiser(s).Dwight and I have spoken about doing a Peace
Concert for The BUREAU of ARTS and Culture.

The last time I was in Leimert Park, was for a Monday night Jazz Jam at Barbara Morisson's.You can read about both Barbara and Dwight at THE MUSIC Page on The
main Website.

The time before that, I could not find a parking space because Channels 2, 4, 5 & 11 ,
as well as every newspaper and radio truck wanted to get the reactions of folks concerned with The tragedy of Treyvon Martin. Where are they now ? The World Stage
is one of the Wonderful Stories related to The African American diaspora in Los Angeles. An important part of the community. Will we see stories about it's need for the support of those who can afford to support it ? I challenge those in my profession to cover the success stories of our beloved African American communities, not just the tragedies.
I personally have drawn sharp criticism from everyone, everywhere, at one time or another, for most of all, being the King of crossover culture: a crown I wear rather proudly. Well, Dwight and I never did get around to our PEACE CONCERT and believe
you me, this magazine needs just as much support as THE WORLD STAGE, but still and
all, I feel we must support each other. So I implore readers to get involved and support the World Stage. 

From Spike Lee to Stevie Wonder, from Roger Guenvere Smith to John Coltrane,
from Public Enemy to Ice - T and a long line of serious courageous individuals who
have stood up for some kind of social change from KING and MALCOLM to Alice WALKER and Danny GLOVER, I have drawn inspiration and I have no problem supporting creative human beings expressing themselves for ART, FILM, MUSIC, EQUALITY and FREEDOM.

We know who we are, we know what we have to do, we will not be divided by Politics, Color, Religion or any other type of divisive ideology that lingers from a haunted past which often plagues our vision. This is The UNITED STATES and it is about time we act like IT !  U-N-I-T-E ! Not Black, not White, not Left , not Right : The UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Period .