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" Every poem that I write is from something that actually happened."  
Sabreen Shabazz  Los Angeles  Poet

" I think when enough people get tired of listening to things that aren't 
giving them enough substance than they start to look for something a 
little bit deeper.  I really appreciate folks that can really listen to music 
from all over the world . I'm so fortunate, I had that experience and I 
bring that to my radio show. I think that music is the universal language. " 
Miles Perlich -  Disc Jockey for KJAZZ 88.1 FM 

" Its been a little over two years & we have worked with over 250 young 
Latinas throughout Southern California.  We've expanded into Mexico, 
Guatamala and El Salvador. The focus is for them to be introduced 
to different resources and life experiences for the program, so it's not 
just focused on photography. " 
- Eric Ibarra Non Profit Founder of Las Fotos Project  

" I always try to do projects where I learn stuff as I'm going.
Like, I had only read the Divine Comedy one time when I started
and then I spent six years working on it, reading book and book 
about it, reading translations and going to Italy to see the places.
So, I start these projects and they get bigger and bigger. "
- Sandow Birk  Artist / Koplin Del Rio in LA / Catherine Clark in SF

" As far as tuning, I think the best way to sum it up is that it's a 
manipulation of intervals. You have this huge instrument that 
has to sound in tune and your actually distorting the intervals to 
make it sound that way in the end, in the final analysis. When I 
first started out it took me about a day to tune a piano. And then 
you get down to the industry standard which is about an hour. " 
- Annie Hayden  Piano Tuner for STEINWAY

" There something about artists, theres an inner motivation to create.
This has certainly been true for me, I never get tired of creating. You 
have to be out there in the world today. You need to create whatever 
it is that you feel bound to create and then you do have to go out there 
in the greater world and make every effort to have it seen, either through 
gallery shows or in my case, mostly through publication. "

- Jimmy Steinfeldt  Rock and Roll Photographer

 " As soon as my pen hits the paper, I think of the forest, I think of 
Minnessotta, I think of the North woods, I think of rivers, I think of 
lakes and I think of family. What better vehicle for your home sickness 
in Hollywood than to write music ? "
- Patrick Reiger   Founder of The Band WHISKEY SUNDAY

" The building was built in the late 1920' s. It' s always been an entertainment 
venue. It first opened as a Yiddish theatre. In the late 1930' s it became a night  
club called Slapsy Maxie's. Spike Jonze [ The Conductor], Phil Silvers , Sammy 
Davis Jr., all kind(s) of celebrities came here. In the 1950' s, it became a live 
legitimate stage theatre. Monty Hellman the director of Two Lane Blacktop ran 
a theatre group here briefly. Then around 1958 Raymond Rauhauer ran one of 
the first Art House Film theaters here. My dad started running the place in 1978 
with a couple partners & eventually ran the place by himself. "
-Michael Torgan  Owner of The New Beverly Cinema

" The most important thing about what I try to bring to an actor is to say to them,  
lets not play whats written on the page. Lets play a character that would surprise 
everyone . Were trying to do something thats original and different. " 
- Bernard Hiller   Acting Coach & Author

" We produced Huey P.Newton with Roger Guenevere Smith 
for PBS Television and won the Peabody Award. It was a convergence of all 
his talents. Roger is a prolific artist. One of the things that he does that I 
love is, he creates and he creates non stop and he does it in his own unique, 
artistic way. It's compelling, it's provocative, it's theatrical."
- Bob Thompson  Theater Producer

" The Punks [ Musicians and Fans] ]really had a sense of being in the future.  
We really did think we were very modern and we were assimilating the past 
modernistic art trends. Like Surrealism, Situationism. Which wasn't necessarily 
art, but, it was. It was like subverting culture into becoming it's own art form." 
- Ruby Ray    Photographer & Documentary

" I am motivated to do it because I have had an experience that I 
have to somehow make visual . " 
- Joan Schulze Artist & Lecturer 

" Its become a lifestyle issue. We've become a little too lazy. We need to 
start being more proactive. The change starts with you. What can you 
do to make a difference ? " 
- Miguel Rivera   Organic Farmer

" The path to becoming a licensed architect is pretty rigorous and it requires 
you to work in firms & you know, go through a very traditional path. So, 
instead of working with architects, while I was in Grad School, I built up 
on the social justice work that I started prior to college. I found myself working 
more within the Non Profit context and the community building organizations. 
Immersing myself within the City as opposed to focusing on the construction 
of buildings."    
- Theresa Hwang    Architect

 " The only people who can give a narrative thats correct or that is legitimate 
are those that have been there, done that and observed and participated in it. 
I'm one of those people. " 
- Sandy Chase    Record Collector

" What I like about L.A. is that the communication and the exchange and discourse 
is less focused on the market and maybe less focused on the stardom aspect and more 
focused on the kind of intellectual kind of discourse and how the work relates in a 
larger art historical context."
- Susanne Veilmetter 

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