Friday, March 21, 2014


Dear friends, supporters & those who have received attention 
from our reviews, posts, critical analysis and complimentary 
essays. We are currently applying for Non profit status with 
Community Partners. The Application process is very thorough.

Please read the current seven point application & understand that 
if indeed we are able to proceed in this fashion, we are in deep 
gratitude for those who have supported us and also in need of 
your continued support as we move forward. Non profit status 
allows for BUREAU Magazine to sponsor the youth as well 
allow contributors to receive a tax write off for their support.

We feel it is important to share this process with our readers.
Thank you again for your support and interest in the magazine 
and the institute, gallery and general idea behind our mission.
We look forward to serving you & your community in The Arts.

Special Thank You for your Letters of Support to: 
- Father Greg Boyle: Homeboy Industries Non Profit
- Judy Carmichael:  Jazz Inspired Public Radio Show 
- Joan Schulze : Author, Artist, Teacher and Lecturer
- Ben Stiller    :  Film Actor, Director and  Producer


There is a need for the Arts in America today and especially on 
The West Coast. Funding for the Arts is a small percentage compared 
to locales like New York City. The youth of today so seldom hears a 
senior artists discuss their careers. We have a goal to create a dialog 
that is educational, exciting and inspiring to our listeners, be they 
a sixteen year old young lady from East Los Angeles or indeed an 
Established Artist of the professional variety from say, Compton. 
For educational purposes we delivered the magazine to East L. A. 
South L.A. , San Pedro, Torrance, Echo Park, door to door in select 
neighborhoods as well as in local marketplaces that included: Art, 
Music, Theater, Film, Surf, Skate, Bike, Photo, Design, Architecture, 
Literary establishments of any sort. We ordered 10,000 magazines 
and actually received about 20,000. For fund raising, we delivered 
the magazine, for possible future donations to: Beverly Hills, Pacific 
Palisades, Palos Verdes, West Hollywood, Los Feliz, Malibu and 
The beach communities: Hermosa, Redondo & Manhattan beaches. 
We received financial support from stakeholders in the arts & culture 
communities by creating a dialog about the arts, reviewing their art 
exhibitions, theater plays & films. Art Galleries from Culver City to 
Bergamot Station to Glendale approved of and supported Edition One. 
A thorough review of an Art event explains to the younger audience 
what is happening and celebrates the Arts in a manner that very few 
commercial Arts publication are able to provide. We also started a 
pilot program, in the event that we would one day become non profit. 
By sponsoring local musicians & athletes with both equipment and 
in some cases memberships to a local gym. We wrote a check to a 
local high school to assure that an aspiring french horn player had 
an instrument at all times and indeed, he competed at state level. 
We partnered with a local boxing gym in South Central providing 
BUREAU hats, t shirts, bags and a 25. dollar membership check 
to two young athletes that were chosen by the local business who 
knew of their ability & needs as low income minorities with skills.  
We plan to sponsor more young artists with this same approach.
Every time an ad is sold, we can provide local needy individuals 
with this type of endorsement: Art, Theater, Music & Athletics. 

We effectively cover a large geographic and demographic area with 
the physical paper edition of BUREAU of Arts and Culture Magazine. 
Our goal is two fold. With a wide distribution of the paper magazine, 
we strive to bridge the gap between donors & those who may benefit 
from those donations. So often, we see the non profit model wherein 
money from the wealthy provides a program for the needy, with little 
interaction or relatable relationship beyond the private or public grant. 
We distribute the magazine throughout a very wide area, so that those 
who may donate in the future, also are interested in the content within 
the magazine & the main BUREAU of ARTS and CULTURE website 
that provides Audio Interviews extending directly from the printed page .
BUREAU sites in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, 
Santa Barbara, New York City and very soon Seattle, allow for anyone, 
anywhere, to see what is going on in the arts in that particular city.
Which we feel will allow for us to apply for support, distribution and 
grants within those particular cities and for local businesses to buy ads.
We add new cities quite often and create a lasting relationship with the 
established Arts Foundations in ART, MUSIC, THEATER. Which usually 
includes Classical music, Art Galleries, live Theater and Film. We added 
Surfing , Skateboarding and Biking to get the interest of a younger 
readership and indeed it worked. We have also celebrated those subjects 
with our fundraisers, selling artworks in relation to Biking & Skatng.  
We partnered with local & national businesses that assisted & we provided 
logo affiliation & coverage on line: Chrome Bags, Jarrittos, LA Skate, 
DTLA Bike Shop and The Los Angeles Bikers Coalition, to name a few. 
Established Artists from diverse cultures also participated in the 
BUREAU of Arts and Culture Exhibitions & Interviews. We brought 
together Native American, African American, Chinese American, 
Armenian American and Mexican American elder artists in a single 
exhibition, a financial & critical success with the highly regarded : 
"Gathering The Tribes: Part One". 

Our mission is to celebrate, educate and inspire others through the arts.
We have a goal to create a four fold winning situation for: the donor, the 
professional, the young artist or athlete and the third party non profit . 
With The Paper Edition of BUREAU of ARTS and CULTURE Magazine: 
  • A. The Donor receives a tax write off, a gift, or a full page Ad 
          to one of our affiliated non profits or a non profit of their own choice
          our a business of their own. 
          [ See Father Greg Boyle's Letter of Recommendation ]
  • B. The Professional in The ARTS receives an in depth Interview.
        [ Read Artist Joan Schulze's Letter of Recommendation ]
  • C. The young Artist receive a stipend for Art, Theater, Music, Athletics.  
        [ We can provide a Letter from a participating students upon Request ]
  • D. The magazine receives the money to print, distribute & maintain sites. 
We plan to utilize the ground work of Edition Number One & pilot programs 
as well as non profit status to launch an entirely new approach to fundraising. 
Going back into the wealthier neighborhoods that have already received the 
magazine with the tax write off incentives and the youth sponsorship program 
as well as the AD Page in the paper edition to mobilize their ability to support 
BUREAU of ARTS and CULTURE Magazine, Website & Cultural City Sites.

Fundraising through philanthropic means, such as companies that may benefit 
indirectly from BUREAU of ARTS and CULTURE's coverage and celebration 
MEDIA SPONSORS for Major Art Events such as this years LOS ANGELES 
ART FAIR and PHOTO LA. As a non profit, we can negotiate with these 
larger Institutes to assist in fund raising at an entirely different level. 

We differ from other non profit magazines that focus entirely on a single subject, 
be it ART, PHOTOGRAPHY or SPORTS. We write about West Coast Culture & 
INTERVIEW professionals as well as students in the fields & subjects mentioned. 
We recently interviewed a group of students at The New School of Architecture & 
Design in San Diego. They have a project wherein they created a series of chairs  
and we intend to assist in the sales of those types of projects to donors & Arts 
organizations through the magazine, fund raisers, interviews & art exhibitions.    

When the BUREAU of ARTS and CULTURE visits San Francisco, San Diego 
or  other cities where we are expanding, the word gets out quick. We usually set 
up a few interviews, photograph the city itself, visit the official institutes such 
as Chamber of Commerce [ San Diego] or the Mayors office [ Santa Barbara ], 
we review a major event such as the Philharmonic[ San Francisco]. We meet 
tens, if not hundreds of local businesses, get their contact information, compile 
& organize the information and eventually apply it to their specific city site, to 
the BUREAU Website & eventually to the actual paper magazine. It has been a 
successful model. With non profit status, it will be a very effective organization.


Within two years, BUREAU of ARTS and CULTURE Magazine could have sites 
in over twelve different cities. We could sponsor and assist over a hundred young 
underprivileged youngsters or young adults. We foresee several editions of the 
glossy paper magazine as well as a local gazette edition in various cities with the 
opportunity to publish writers and commission locals with a stipend upon the sale 
of Ad Space sold locally. With the groundwork that we have laid out, BUREAU 
of ARTS + CULTURE may become a National Arts publication with distribution 
& coverage in many major cities in the U.S.A. We will start by adding the newest 
cities geographically closest to L. A. as we already have done. Seattle is next. 
Usually, the cities business [ Ability to support] & The Arts [ A thriving scene ]  
provide an indicator as to where we are needed most.  With Non Profit status, 
more than anything, we will raise funds here in Los Angeles. The Film Industry, 
The Fashion Industry, The Art Industry, The Music Industry will all provide us 
with a specific focus in fund raising and event oriented donation opportunities.
We are currently conducting a series of Free on line Writing Courses for working 
class individuals and we foresee a future where we will publish student projects.

We received Ad purchases, donations, in kind trades, contributions from 
private individuals and sold artworks for the printing of our pilot edition. 
ART Exhibitions included SKATERS RULE! with amateurs exhibiting along 
side career professionals. GATHERING The TRIBES: Part One showcased
Artists with decades of artwork, many of which sold & The artists profited, 
as opposed to the commonly known practice where artists get nothing in 
return. Mr Triliegi, a career artist, has donated works for non profits as 
early as 1990,  raising over $4,000. for a single sale and receiving no 
compensation.  BUREAU of ARTS and CULTURE is set up to benefit all 
of the participants: the Artists, the Donors, the Public and the Magazine. 

We partnered directly with businesses: Indie Printing, LA Skate, DTLA Bikes,
Stitch & Print, Jarritos Beverages, Chrome Bags for Art Exhibits & Fundraisers.
In some cases, we brought the Art Exhibit directly to their Commercial Space, 
in others, we hosted the exhibition at a space adjacent to the BUREAU Offices.

For the printing of the Paper Edition of BUREAU of Arts and Culture Magazine 
we partnered with Robert Berman Gallery, William Turner Gallery, Koplin Del 
Rio, Abril Books, The Roxy Theater, Shamrock Tattoo, Samuel French Bookstore, 
Millennium Construction, DeKor Interiors, Xocai Chocolate, Artist Lucie Boswell,
Writer Mary Jo Romano, Poet Sabreen Shabazz & indirectly with hundreds of 
bookstores, record shops, art galleries & venues that distributed the magazine.

We hand delivered the first paper Edition throughout Southern California and 
select neighborhoods in San Francisco. We introduced the magazine & created 
Popular Cultural Sites in Los Angeles [ 430 + Google  followers, 20,000+ visits ], 
Bay Area    [ Art,  Music, Literature +Links to Interviews with Bay Area  Artists ], 
San Diego  [ Surf, Music, Architecture +Links to Interviews with Local Creators ],
Santa Barbara [ Art, Music, Literature Coming soon Interviews with local talent ],
The Literary Site [ Poetry, Writing, Publishing and Links  to  Writers Interviews ],
Next on the schedule is Seattle [ Music,  Art, Theater, Dance, Culture  &  more ].
We update the website [ 50,000+ Views] monthly and add events to the cultural 
sites on a weekly basis. We have recently added Advertising Slots on each Site.

We are an official media Sponsor for LA Art Fair & PHOTO LA Photo Fair. 
We extensively cover &  interview participating galleries at Art Fairs such as,
Platform LA, Pulse LA, Untitled Art, Art Basel Miami, Art Miami, Miami Project, 
The LA Art Book Fair. We provide an extensive overview with Audio walk throughs 
and visual presentations with up to 100+ images and or photos per on-line feature.      

Many of the original BUREAU of Arts and Culture members have gone on to have 
stellar careers in The ARTS. Artists, Filmmakers, Musicians such as: Lucas Reiner, 
Spike Jonze, Alex McDowell, Martin Durazo, Ron Riehel, James Gabbard, Christina 
Habberstock, Lorna Stovall, Heather VanHaaften, Chris Greco, Richard Rancier,
Mike Wong, Steve Wong, Seth Kaufman, Henry Duarte, Connie Cappos, Kim Johnson,
Lori Kahn, Terry McCatty, Darin Pappas, James Fish + others  all had very early 
collaborations with The BUREAU Projects. We plan to invite them back in as active 
participating members to the non profit. We have been discussing the active role 
of a Board of Directors with recent participants such as Bay Area Artist & Lecturer 
Joan Schulze, L.A. Photographer Joel Mark, The Native American Artist and Tribal 
Representative Dawn Jackson. These have been casual, ' If we were non profit ? ' 
discussions, but we have been ruminating on the responsibilities in this regard 
and it seems there is indeed a groundswell of support and need for the magazine 
to exist at this particular level. 

We foresee a series of lectures, art sales, book sales and local businesses supporting 
the Magazine. Surf, Skate & Bicycle Companies, competitions and festivals all rely 
heavily on publications to help disseminate and discuss events and activities that 
revolve around their product. In the past few years, we have become a very well 
respected publication,  More and more, Art, Surf, Biking, Film, Theater, Literature 
companies and organizations have invited us to cover events and to be their Official 
Media Sponsors. A non profit status will lead to more paper magazines & more 
magazines will lead to more advertising as well as more coverage. We will be going 
to these thriving industries as well as those we sponsor locally, be it soccer, boxing 
or sponsorships through other non profits that specialize in youth programs in the 
traditional sports like baseball, football, track & field, basketball, volleyball.  

As the Brand Name of BUREAU of Arts and Culture grows, The BUREAU Hats, 
Bags, T - Shirts and other merchandise as well as Limited Edition Prints & Art 
Items from established Artist's will indeed become a great way to raise awareness 
& funds in the magazine, on the website & as incentives to help drive BUREAU 
Individual members to receive discounts to local businesses, entry to special events 
& magazine delivery.  Many of our magazine distributers can carry the brand goods 
in their stores & shops.


Editor and Publisher Joshua Triliegi has had hands-on experience raising well 
over Fifty Thousand Dollars worth of in kind trades with a Five Thousand dollar 
grant from Actor Ben Stiller. Granted, 2007 was a different world, still & all, 
Mr Triliegi has a proven track record for creating alliances with diverse cultures 
in the Arts. We will approach those Individuals & Companies who have donated 
in the past & create new alliances with a non profit status. We believe that the 
larger companies that passed the first time around, will begin to stand at attention 
& participate with a new tax write off status: Auto, Fashion, Literary, Film, etc.
[ Read Letter of Recommendation by Ben STILLER ]

Joshua Triliegi & BUREAU of ARTS and CULTURE has already implemented 
the very arduous process of introducing ourselves to many of the Arts, Corporate 
and Local Businesses as well as those on the front lines: The Art galleries, The 
Artists, The Non Profits within our chosen field, The local business person. 
[ See Letter of recommendation by Judy Carmichael ].

Our relationship with ART spaces who have been interviewed/reviewed by BUREAU:
Jack Rutberg, Susanne Vielmetter, Tobey C. Moss, Shoshana Wayne, Known Gallery,
Sabina Lee, The Bowers Museum, The Geffen Contemporary, The Hammer Museum,
The Skirball Cultural Center, Museum of Contemporary Art in LA, San Diego and in 
Santa Barbara help to create well earned future partnerships, distribution as well as 
a 'word of mouth' that is priceless. Collectively, they have been in the business for 
hundreds of years. Not to mention the thousands of readers that have received the 
magazine on their doorsteps. Our coverage of the MIAMI Art Fairs with in depth 
audio & slide presentations allow us to create a lasting relationship with the 'Big Tent' 
art events that allow for fundraising activity. We recently interviewed the Grammy 
Museum and are creating a lasting relationship with that important music institute. 
The same pattern applies for THEATER: Edgemar, LATC, Circle Theater, Cygnet,
Robey.  MUSIC : The Echo, The Redwood, The Roxy, Grammy Museum, Origami, 
Vacation, Record Collector, The LA Philharmonic & The San Francisco Philharmonic.   


We have created relationships with Film, Music and Art festivals, National & Local 
Radio Stations, continuing the tradition created with BUREAU Film projects and 
the utilization of Print, Radio and Web to facilitate publicity, fundraising & awareness. 
Triliegi Film programs were discussed on KCRW 89.9, KPFK 90.7 and Indie 103 FM  
within the non profit umbrella in the past and we plan to sustain & develop those ties.
We were invited to KLOS 95.5 FM [ Bureau mentioned on air] to consider an affiliation.  
We recently interviewed Miles Perlich of KJAZZ 88.1 FM and we were given tickets to 
Classical Music concerts by K-MOZART Radio & we invited a guest reviewer to attend.
The BUREAU of Arts and Culture Magazine will continue to create a lasting relationship 
with the Art Institutes, Media & Schools that drive the Arts in America. We distributed 
Paper Editions to OTIS Art School & The Campus at USC to support alignments with 
faculty, staff &students who will become future entrepreneurs & participants in the Arts.

BUREAU of ARTS and CULTURE's first edition featured Interviews with many female 
creators: Susanne Vielmatter, Ruby Ray, Joan Schulze and Theresa Hwang. The Art 
world is often a male dominated & or a caucasian viewpoint, we add a serious literary 
& cultural take that is seldom expressed in the mainstream press. BUREAU's Editorials 
have been groundbreaking: The Hate Crime Series, Working Class Essays, The Art 
Appreciation Essay on Charles Dickson, The Film reviews of Spike Lee, The Theater 
Reviews of Roger Guenveur Smith, The Articles in Support of Liemert Park, Jazz at 
Barbara Morrison's, Herbie Hancock and The L.A. Philharmonic, Our Interviews with 
Union Workers during a possible strike with grocery chains, Our support of Nurses 
during a possible strike with hospitals: we were there and we covered these events.
Attention to non profit  Issues with Las Fotos Project and Skid Row Housing. 


We cover the classical music scene for the everyday person and invite a younger 
audience to attend and write their own reviews. K-Mozart Radio provided tickets 
to Eek at The Greek & we sent a young hip hop writer to experience and review it. 
We not only review, but we contribute an original editorial voice that cuts through 
the mainstream and represents a new way of looking at the Arts, which can normally 
be extremely insider, ridiculously empiric, resoundingly safe and absurdly artificial. 
Commercial Publications can't come close to the type of outsider naiveté mixed with 
a sharp and cultural understanding of The Arts that consistently applies value to art.   

We feel that with non profit status The Art Institutes that we have mentioned will be 
able to provide The magazine with the type of opportunities to affiliate on a completely 
larger and direct level. The entire Art World is practically Non Profit with the exception 
of The Indie Art galleries, although, most Art Centers & All Museums certainly. We feel 
that Film Festivals, Art & Music Museums, Bicycle Events such as Ciclivia, X Games for 
Skateboarding and even those who have passed first time around: Automobile industry, 
Alcohol and Soda Beverage, Fashion Industry, Film Industry may eventually join in. 
Meanwhile, we know that wealthy private individuals will consider supporting a magazine 
that provides good interviews, delivers door to door, provides an educated dialog on 
The Arts in America and allows for a tax write off of the extra income that many wealthy 
individuals are currently generating. We live on The West Coast: Actors, Sports Figures, 
Real Estate Moguls, Telecommunication Companies, Media Companies, Radio Stations  
need to fulfill their extra income with philanthropic opportunities and we provide it.   

8. Budgetary Issue and Letters of recommendation to be announced