Thursday, May 1, 2014


Welcome to the Bureau of Arts and Culture's New Monthly Interactive Magazine. We suggest you view the magazine as a two page layout as some articles have a centerfold photographic design. Many of the features are extended on line in audio, simply tap the links & logos to visit and view images related to the Article. We went door to door with a paper edition last year in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, since then we have added sites in New York City, San Francisco, San Diego and Santa Barbara plus the New National Literature site celebrating all things Literary. Last month, we were proud to have BOB MARLEY on The Cover with a featured Interview with Dennis Morris. This month, we have the Legendary Animator & Artist Jules Engel as our Official Guest Illustrator. Jules Engel transformed animation while working for Walt Disney on the ground breaking film: FANTASIA. Also, Exclusive Interviews with Photographers: Andrew Moore, Matt Schwartz and James Gabbard. We also bring you 10 questions with Filmmaker Tom Donahue, Book Store Owner Dennis Wills And Sculptor Colin Sherrell. We invite you backstage with Mark Murphy at REDCAT, Celebrate Miles Davis' 88Th Birthday, give an excerpt from The 'Chapter-A-Day' Novel: " They Call It The City Of Angels ". Plus a 24 Image Essay, Interviews with Tobey C. Moss & Tony Fitzpatrick,  Jack Kerouac's Letters, John Coltrane's Influence at Impulse and Elmer Bernstein's Classic Music for: To Kill A Mockingbird. Tap The Images & Links To Visit Some Of The Institutes. Many of The Ads and Images Are Live Links, so you must be On Line. Send Us an E Mail and You May Win A Complimentary Film From One of Our Advertising Sponsors: FIRST RUN FEATURES. We are also proudly welcoming back INDIE  Printing as an Official Advertising Sponsor for The Coming  Season.        
A Reminder: Every Ad / Logo in the magazine is a Live Link so tap & enjoy  
                                                                         - Joshua A. Triliegi  Editor - in - Chief