Tuesday, November 13, 2012





Mr. Fords new Fall line for men drives a classic line straight
through Wall Street. Grey flannel, grey, patterns, and grey
cotton suits all with a flourish or a flare for fine tradition.
The fun is in the accessories and comfort wear : sweaters,
shoes, canes, hats, cuffs, collars and coats as well as bags.

Tom is no longer just a controversial figure anymore. He has
proven to be the comeback kid time and time again. From his
clothing design to bold accessories, from his recent foray into
film making to his personal battles, Tom Ford is a champion.
Now we can sit back & thoroughly enjoy his prodigious output.

The newest of which is a very slinky, elegant, yet sexy new
line for women with just a touch of that classic asian influence.
As we predicted this Summer, orange is indeed the color for
women this Fall and Tom Ford is utilizing it well. Though, lets
start with those kinky Boots. A Simple, tall, long, straight flare
upward with side zipper, knee high in leather, suede and are you
ready for this ? Anaconda baby. Tom Ford knows what women
like. He knows what men want and he is willing to spend a pretty
penny on a well crafted production line that never seems trendy.

It's as if Mr Ford has experienced the 80's, the 90's, the 00's and
is now creating works for all the decades that lay ahead. Those
thoroughly modern times that we live in today. The dresses have
that touch of Coco inspired scale, tone and classicism. Black on
black, tight fitting, for the younger set, long flowing for mature
girls. The evening gowns come with matching dramatic capes.
A wide variety of shoes of the Italian inspired variety one may
see in Fellini' s, " La Dolce Vita " party scene escapades that we
love so much.  Luxury. Bold. Comfort. Fun.Classic. Flair. Serious. 
Sexy. Fun. Strong. Plush all come to mind.

Controversy is no longer the story at Tom Ford. Eventually an
artist is judged by his or her output. The art, the object, the craft,
the product itself, be it a film, a shoe or an interesting turn of the
phrase. Who can deny a fabulous dress, a great pair of shoes, a
warm fuzzy hat, a classic tuxedo with your choice of over seven
different collars or the kinkiest boots in town ? " Not I" , said the
wise man as he walked among the throngs. Like most designers
of a certain ilk, it's no longer just about the clothing, It's a lifestyle.
This is a one stop shop, make-up, perfume, cologne, hats, dresses,
ties, shoes, canes, umbrellas, shirts, coats, sweaters, purses and that
special Tom Ford signature object : The Travel Bag with Zipper(s).

Tom Ford' s signature line of travel bags employs the Extra Large
Zipper motif which is indeed a copyrighted feature of this broadcast.
The zipper which is large, dipped in gold and [ we have it from a very
reliable source] that it gets easier and easier to open the more one
uses it. Makes sense to me. Travel ought to be fun, safe and sexy.
Tom Ford has been around the world and it shows plenty. The travel
bags are the tried and true keepers of the key here. They come in a
wide variety of colors, sizes and are designed with simple functional
flourishes that make them a joy to behold. An overnight bag says a
lot about the owner. These bags have the strength of a construction
worker's tool kit and the classic style of a Cary Grant romance film.
There is a very down to earth style here at Tom Ford. He has arrived.
What are you waiting for ? Written by Joshua A. TRILIEGI 9.27.12

Exclusively For : BUREAUofARTSandCULTURE.com Magazine



Alexander McQueen 

 Written By Joshua A. TRILIEGI 

The Mc Queen line has gone through a few
transformations since it lost the founder. A
groundbreaking designer who catapulted an
interesting and influential high fashion idea
into what has become an empire of Gothic
clothing for both men and women alike.

This new Fall line is a bit like day & night.
Utilizing silks, satins and worn leathers has
created an extremely stylish line that is also
quite comfortable to wear, touch and view.
Women' s bodice top jackets with dramatic
capes attached, men' s umbrella's, canes and
slippers with skull adornments, give it a Doctor
Jeckyl & Mr. Hide vibe via the turn of the century.

Many of the women's jackets and purses come with
a touch of fur, though if one is philosophically against
wearing animals, there is still plenty to appreciate.

For men, the gray, tight fitting suit & the silk striped
tuxedo of the modern variety worn by Cary Grant in
so many Hitchcock movies takes a classic look and
makes it their own. A business and holiday special.

For women, red and black shoes with fur, zippers
and a stiletto type heel that harkens back and also
forward to a time of pedestal - like adoration for the
female form which borders on fetishistic fascination.
The large boot - like arrangement seems to be an
amalgamation of classic heels, boots and the afore
mention pedestal, but with a sense of high art as well.

The future is here. A completely and utterly luxurious
line of clothing which connects the links between high
art, fashion, fetish and the creation of incredible objects.
One can only imagine visiting the factory that whips up
this line of phenomenal products. Craftsmen and women
cutting the patterns, stitching the fabrics and stretching
the leather. One thinks of architects, sculptors and draftsmen
when viewing these wearable fine art objects of the highest

Highly influenced by the costumes and original designers
of clothing for king and queens of early Europe. Velvets,
ruffles, leather, suede & fur all turned on its head an re-
thought to invigorate the modern and utterly unabashed
as well as the unlimited pocketbook of the upper classes.

Although high fashion is often finicky, fickle and trendy in
its nature and there is plenty of fun, frolic and flourish here,
many of the pieces are of a classic cut and simple line that
will indeed last forever both physically and in terms of style.

The Mc Queen line is so well crafted and created that it
presents the wearer on a pedestal that entirely transcends
the pitfalls of the last season versus this season paradigm.

The calf skin urban cut jackets for women available in both
dark green and mauve distressed leather are soft to touch.
They wear well, collars flip up dramatically for that wind
swept moment and back down accordingly. The attention to
detail is downright erotic on most of the Mc Queen Fall line.
There is a keen attention to scale, line and placement that
has an artists touch at every turn. Surely crafted by the best
tailors and leather workers anywhere in the entire world.
One is left thinking about where one might wear these objects.

The Alexander Mc Queen Line is pure art. The real question here
is not whether the clothing stands up, the real question here is :
Can the world itself live up to these fascinating art like objects ?