Monday, November 19, 2012



Art, Music and The Rolling Stones  

 by Joshua A. TRILIEGI

It has been over thirty-five years since I first experienced The Rolling Stones 
perform live. I was ten years old. It was Nineteen-seventy five and our entire 
family attended. Mom, Dad, older brother, older sister and me. Even back then,
I was the artist of the family. So it was my job to paint the famous " Lips and 
Mouth " logo originally created in 1970 by fellow artist John Pasche. Later, Peter 
 Corriston would go on to design The controversial Some Girls album art as well 
as Tattoo You. Some Girls led to law suits. I have a copy of the original with 
celebrities that have since been blacked out. There has always been a very special 
relationship between art and music. The Rolling Stones have known very well 
through their personal relationships with interesting artists of their time how 
art and music intersect. From the fabulous photography of Michael Joseph on 
Beggars Banquet, which opens up into a centerfold like layout of a 17th Century 
painter to Sticky Fingers and the infamous Zipper and banana by Andy Warhol.
Robert Frank's documentary and photographs used on Exile on Main Street with 
the help of John Van Hammerveld 's design layout were striking and poignant.

There is a raw and honest intensity within the ethos of The Rolling Stones. An 
attitude and raunchy style that says, ' Hey man, this is the way it is, this is 
Rock and Roll. This is what life is like. This is who we are. Mellow out and listen "
Experiencing The Rolling Stones at ten years old in a live venue with thousands 
of people and my family was a trans formative experience.  A Ritual of the highest 
order. While my friends were at home watching The Brady Bunch and The Partridge 
Family, I was watching Mick Jagger dance down a star shaped stage as the conical 
shape slowly lowered one petal at a time. " Please allow me to introduce myself,
I'm a man of wealth and fame..."  Drums, guitar and that bongo like rhythm 
leading into a raging histrionics explaining what had just happened to America 
since the death of JFK and the loss of innocence that hovered above our existence, 
unexplainable except through music, poetry and the like. He swung from a rope 
high above our heads.He threw buckets of water on the first few rows. He danced 
astride a plastic inflated erectile shaped instrument that exuded confetti from its 
pointed top. Mindblowing. Of course he needed no introduction, we had grown up 
listening to the Stones, glowering over the albums and remembering the lyrics. 
From the early simple blues influenced love ballads into the post sixties dark tales 
and on into the seventies rock.Through to The Eighties, Steel Wheels, etc ...

Album covers, album liners, T shirts and memorabilia plays a large part in Rock 
and Roll.The images that will forever be connected to the music and visa versa. 
I have designed a few album Covers for musician friends and it's always a special 
sort of assignment. What will represent the music ? Images and sound wedded to 
tell a larger story. As we drove to the forum that evening, people began to beep 
their horns at the artwork on the back window. My parents had proudly taped my 
version to the back of the vehicle. When people began to react, I was surprised. 
For me it was just a personal expression, something fun to do, be a part of the 
scene. For others it was something altogether different. We were all a part of 
something. We were a family of Rock and Rollers and people wanted us to know, 
that they too were heading to this ritual. That it was a community and we were 
all connected through the music. We were connected in this counter culture experience. 

It was the first time I realized the power of Art and Music and Ritual and 
Community in a way that changed my entire perception.I sometimes wonder 
how many other ten year old were at that concert ? Not too many. How many 
entire families attended ? Not too many. My old man insisted that we all attend. 
He is no longer on the planet. But every time The Rolling Stones are being played,
he's here all right. He even slightly resembled Jagger and to be honest, Mom 
resembled Bianca. We sorta were The Rolling Stones. Music has a way of enlivening 
memories, history, loss, joy, energy, rebellion and the acceptance of the moment. 

Music is life. In a way, Mick Jagger is my old man, he's still alive. Still Rocking and 
Rolling. Still kicking and screaming. Still selling a million albums and reminding us 
how far we have all come after all these years. The Rolling Stones tell a story of 
America that is highly influenced by Black America, The Blues, The Working man, 
The Bikers, The Lovers, The Outsiders, The Struggles. Its a beautiful tradition, 
Rock and Roll. With a new Documentary on HBO, " Crossfire Hurricane " as well as 
a new album and a Tour of America,The Rolling Stones are gathering no moss. 
There is a whole new generation about to discover the Stones. They have kept 
rock and roll alive. I still get teased from my family for passing out three quarters 
of the way through the  concert. That was way past my bedtime. The next day my 
friends at school were talking about Fred Flintstones and George Jetson, while I 
was singing , " Wild Horses " , " Angie " and  " Satisfaction". Oh well.

The other day, I heard a radio D.J. say , " This is a new song by The Rolling Stones."
Its about time. I turned it up. It was good. Life is good. Rock and Roll is good.

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